Monday, June 30, 2014

Grilling On The Go!

Welcome Down Home Friends,
You sure know it is summer when you smell the food cooking outdoors. When the weather is beautiful and sunny outside who really wants to be indoors? Cooking outside no matter where you are can be fun and change things up a bit. In my house I am not the BBQ master and I like it that way! But I am in charge of planning and all the sides. So basically my job is to figure out the what and where and worry about the sides. It is kind of a good deal if you think about it!
My quest this time around was to find a grill that was portable and lightweight that could be carried to the beach for a cookout. I was determined to find something that could fit compact under a boat seat and out of the box I wanted it to be...road trip ready and beach bound! I started out at World Market and got a lot of inspiration and was petty determined to find exactly what I was looking for so that I could check off a beach BBQ off of my summer bucket list.
Ultimately I was able to find what I was looking for at Wal-Mart. I love it because it was so affordable and the legs fold up and over the grill when the lid is on and it has a handle. It fits compact under a boat seat and it is light weight to carry to the beach. Now all I have to worry about is what to cook. One of my all time favorite things to cook would have to be kabobs. I think it is the perfect beach picnic food for grilling because you can prepare it the night before and have it good and ready. I also like that meat and vegetable are all in one place and you can eat it off of a stick! What is not to love? So, what are your favorite kabob recipes? I am on the hunt for them right now!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Texas Caviar!

Hey Down Home Friends,
You know they say that black eyed peas bring you luck. So it is no surprise that we find black eyed peas in Texas Caviar. So what is not to love about this zesty little dish? After all it is so easy to make and easy to adjust and play with and the best part is that it is a make ahead little dish that can go with anything. I also love that this recipe is better when you make it the night before. Make ahead recipes have got to be my favorites. So before you get out those old recipes for the next picnic, tailgate, potluck of BBQ why not give Texas caviar a try?
Texas Caviar
Prepare the day before for best results
1 can of black eyed peas rinsed and drained
1 can of corn drained
1 red, green, yellow or orange bell pepper seeded and chopped
1 jalapeno seeded and chopped
1/2 red, yellow or white onion chopped
1 pint red or yellow cherry tomatoes
Bacon bits (in the jar)
8oz Italian dressing
Salt and pepper to taste
Mix all ingredients and store overnight. More dressing can be used if needed. Stir and taste several hours before serving and add more dressing and seasonings if needed. Serve as a salad or with chips as a dip.
It really is that simple and fun to play around with the basic recipe. I made this the other day and took it to a picnic on the lake and it was a hit! So easy to make and transport and light and refreshing. I am still hoping those peas will bring me luck!

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Little Red Campfire!

Hey Down Home Friends,
I think breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Maybe it isn't my favorite during a work week but it is my favorite on the weekends at home. So, considering my summer weekends are filled with camping, I had to figure out a way to have a little breakfast fun on the run. When you are out and about for a weekend camping getaway, time is precious. Nobody wants to spend all the time cooking when there is so much to do or the views are like this...
So I had to figure out a way to be outside and still keep up with the family tradition of weekend breakfast even while camping. And some would argue that this is not real camping. Maybe, maybe not but The Little Red Campfire makes it so much fun!
The Little red campfire is perfect for a quick and small campfire in your backyard, tailgating or even while camping in places that have burn bans. It comes in handy when you are out of wood or the wood is wet. And this is a surefire way to get those s'mores going no matter the circumstances. But what I love the most is the cooking attachment that makes cooking with the Little Red so easy. With this simple attachment, you are prepared for just about anything. A simple hookup to propane and your fun begins...just like that!

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